martes, 15 de noviembre de 2011


the best celebration of all things living, all the past
We do not have a description so special even without
think this love alive with all the forces and all
impetuous that we have two

celebration has different terms celebrate one more day
an arrival a year in order but no two of us
date requires a much less time and space
what you and I have lost count and lost
days, months, seconds, hours or even

not need to enter a specific date
we feel what we experienced all lived
is a waste of emotions, experiences
which has left us for eternity marked

now I do not need to be or feel here that
I know you want what I have when you need it
celebration for the two is every day at every moment
every second

in Defensión you and I celebrate every day of our lives
being together, the underworld known and have us on
know each other but are now compliant with your
support and love exceeds all

celebrate not need seconds, hours, days, months
years only a deep commitment to and beyond the eternal
Hence an infinite love of the two

celebrate the two others still that does not mean
anything for you and for me is and will remain the best
we could spend happy anniversary
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